DIY/Hack Jerkstopper*

DIY Jerk-Stop Video also on Youtube here… So if you shoot tethered during your sessions, you’re probably aware that there is a risk you could pull on the cable and break the port on your camera… and thats one expensive repair. I know a guy at my local camera club who set his camera up for…


Edinburgh Flyball

I was invited by Stevie Purves to join him shooting the Edinburgh Flyball on the 7th and 8th of February this year. I normally don’t do any kind of sports photography (don’t know if dog agility is actually classed as a sport, or not… I guess its a “dog sport” and its fast… as fast…


Alternative Processes

Recently I have been playing with creating the look of alternative photograph processing using Photoshop, (I dont have the time, equipment or money to invest in doing it properly). I have been a huge fan of Vernon Trents work since a model I worked with a while back posted photos on Facebook of some of…


Photoshop World My Experience

It’s been a while since I’ve been home but with one thing and another, I’ve just not found the time to write this post. I attended Photoshop World (PSW) – Las Vegas September 2013 This post is a general review of the expedition and hopefully contains some useful information for those thinking about attending in the future.