The forces of nature have created some amazing places on Earth, wonders and treasures that continue to inspire and awe those who visit them. Some of these wondrous sights are so unbelievable that they almost seem from another world. One of the them is certainly the fascinating Antelope Canyon, located in the northern part of Arizona, near Page, in the great American Southwest. It is part of the Navajo lands and considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. Over the years Antelope Canyon has become a popular tourist attraction and destination with hikers and photographers flocking to admire the winding landscape of the canyons. The canyons have been formed by flash-flooding and other processes, the scientific term being slot canyon.

Visitors can choose to visit the Upper or the Lower Antelope Canyon, although both can easily be reached in the same day with the help of a guide. Visiting Antelope Canyon for a day can bring a wide range of experiences and moments of wonder, both for nature lovers and for those looking for the perfect photograph. The best start is definitely the Upper Antelope Canyon, which is also the easiest to visit and the most popular. It does not require any physical effort, as the entrance and exit are at ground level. The winding canyon walls are very tall, the different beams of light creating an eerie atmosphere. If you have organized a trip here to take photographs then I highly recommend the “Photographers Tour”, you will have more time to stop and take photographs than on the standard tours, as walk through some fascinating geologic formations, unique in the world.

During a full day in this outstanding natural wonder, visitors can also explore the Lower Antelope Canyon, located just a few kilometres away. The adventure is more intense here, with metal staircases that descend to the waterbed of the canyon. This is also the reason why less people choose to visit this part, making for a more quiet and pleasant experience. The different formations create new landscapes and different types of lighting ambience. These natural attractions can only be visited through guided tours managed by the Navajo people, so I recommend it a good idea to book in advance. They are also one of the most photographed landmarks in the US, so a good camera is a perfect item to bring along. There are also some other interesting attractions nearby to fill an entire day.


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