Arriving for the first time in the outstanding Monument Valley located at the border of Utah and Arizona, travellers experience a strange sensation of travelling back in time or maybe replaying their favourite Western movie.

A symbolic destination of the United States, this area features a typical arid, but iconic landscape, making it a perfect travel destination. Monument Valley, apart from the exceptional natural sights including majestic buttes rising high above the red plains, is also part of the Navajo Nation heritage, with the Navajo Tribal Park making for an exceptional cultural discovery.

There are many things to see in this superb area, but for travellers passing for just one day through the Monument Valley, there are some highlights that should not be missed. First of all, the panoramas and imposing silhouettes of the rock buttes, rising above the plains, as well as the mesas, add a dramatic look to the scenery. Hiking along one of the many trails and discovering the different monuments is an extremely exciting experience. The Wildcat Trail is one of the most popular, discovering the West Mitten Butte. The other formations can be discovered following the scenic 17 mile route drive, through the middle of the park, taking in amazing sights such as Merrick Butte, Mitchell Mesa, Elephant Butte, Totem Pole, Rain God Mesa, Bird Spring and many others. Other parts of Monument Valley can only be accessed with a guide and through an organized tour., some attractions are hidden from sight and more difficult to access, but the effort is worthwhile. Visitors should also stop at the Visitor Centre, where they can buy or admire the handicrafts of the Navajo people, souvenirs and presents being available. A visit to the authentic Navajo settlements is also a good option for a day in Monument Valley. It’s a unique experience to drive past these amazing formations and monuments, with perfect opportunities for memorable photographs. Many famous western movies were shot in this incredible landscape and visitors have a chance to discover a unique part of American heritage. There are also enough places to eat and sleep while visiting Monument Valley, with traditional Navajo cuisine available in some locations.

Overall, this destination is one of the most interesting natural and cultural experiences in the United States.


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