There are some truly amazing places in the world and for me it feels like a lifetime is simply not enough time to discover them all. There are many spectacular destinations, that most tourists have not discovered yet, often offering much more than at first glance. India is one such place, mostly known for its massive size and the huge population, it  offers one of the most diverse and fascinating travel experiences in the world. India is a land of magic and wonder, where the past meets the present, where exceptional natural diversity meets the outstanding cultural heritage… a country of a million colours. With vibrant cities, authentic villages and towns, magnificent temples and palaces, colourful cultural celebrations, beautiful landscapes and so many other highlights, it is no wonder that many people have become fascinated with this land.

There are quite simply too many destinations in India to name them all, although you can definitely explore the some of the best attractions and experiences in this mythical place. From the frantic pace of Delhi to the beaches of Goa and from the magical Mumbai to the legendary Varanasi, there are just so many things to see and do in India. Few of these can though compare with the jewel of India, the definition of modern marvel of the world, Agra and the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal. The city of Agra is a wonderful destination in its own right, with many other treasures apart from the famous white marble temple. Within the city of Agra there are also two other UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the well-preserved Agra Fort, a magnificent remnant of the past, as well as the Fatehpur Sikri, a former capital of the Mughal Empire and featuring many heritage sights, including a large mosque. Agra also offers many other temples, gardens, tombs, museums and more.

Few of these can compare to the fame and impression of the Taj Mahal, the wonderful white marble mausoleum built by the emperor Shah Jahan for its beloved bride. Marvellously preserved although it is almost 400 years old, this temple is one of those inspiring places that remain with you forever, especially after understanding that its main meaning is love. Beyond the tales & legends surrounding this amazing place, there is also the architectural beauty and perfection, the undeniable serenity of the temple even when swarmed by thousands of tourists. The reflecting pools, the charming gardens, the luxurious yet tasteful interior of the monument, everything makes for a unique travel experience. This marvellous site of world heritage truly is the most impressive and fascinating I have visited, and proof that true love, goes beyond death.


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